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I have had dry skin for a long time. For most on my life it was a mild condition but in the last few years  it has been made much worse than ever before. As a result I have suffered of severe Eczma since 2003. For the following 13 years I looked for a cure or at least mitigation of my pain and itching. I paid a visit to good dermatologists and allergy doctors both in the UK and abroad to no avail. All they could do for me was to give me all sorts of ointments and creams to deal with the effects of the eczma not the root cause itself.


My hands were so badly affected that sometimes I had to wrap it with appropriate cotton gloves or wet wraps to prevent scratching and harmful contact both with people and objects.

The look of my hands affected me socially as well since I avoided hand shanking when the hand skin was coming off. I have to admit that the look was pretty  bad  and I was  very conscious of it.

I then decided to start investigating the cause of my troubles. First suspected chemicals used in the water may have an impact on my skin. Then I thought that some type of food could be the cause. Changed my diet and started monitoring the impact. At that point I reflected on the food and drinks I used every day and decided to make  small changes on that as well.

I came to realize that as an avid user of tea with milk I should stop milk for a little while. That was when I started to notice small improvements. The less milk I drank the less severe the eczma. I come then to the conclusion that milk and its derivatives were the cause of my troubles.

Stopped drink milk, eating yogurts, put aside butter, cheese and anything associated with dairy products. While that helped to diminish the problem I still had eczma.

After much thought I decided also to stop drinking packed juices. That is when I had my eureka moment. The decision worked wonders. I then came to realize that the issues could be related with the packs and the containers of food and drinks.

Every time I tried a pack of milk, juice or some packed food my eczma would get worse. I rolled back the years and recalled that in 2003 I moved from Chalk Farm London to Pitsea Essex. The main difference was that in London I had a supermarket near home that sold fresh milk and my family used to buy it for daily usage. Once we moved to Pitsea we started consuming a lot of packed milk.

My understanding today reflects that realization.  I could be wrong but since stopping using packed drinks (with its many chemicals to preserve the contents of the pack) my problem has improved tremendously.

I no longer have cuts, pimples and blisters in my hands. My skin has got better. I have my hands back and it feels good. Obviously the trial continues and the future may bring more insight into this issue. I will keep you updated.

So far avoiding canned and packed drinks and food is proving to be good for me. I hope this could help you as well. I would also like t hear from you what was helpful in your case or of someone you know. Please leave a comment below.  


Josť Cardoso Jr




Josť Cardoso Jr